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horse grooming clean horse shinyBest Quality German-made Horse Grooming Brushes
- professional tools for great results -

How using the right horse grooming tools makes all the difference.

Grooming is more than cleaning - shiny coat, improved circulation, enhanced wellness support optimal performance of your horse

german-made horse brushes

The 4-Step Grooming Process™ in a Nutshell:

Currying - Curry in circular motions from upper neck to hind end.
Tool: A high-quality firm curry or flexible curry comb that does not create static.

Flicking - Use short strokes with flicking motions to remove larger dirt particles and bring dirt, dust, dander to the surface.
Tool: A natural fiber dandy brush.

Finishing - Clean your horse's coat in long strokes to remove finer dust, dirt & dander and distribute oils over the individual hairs.
Tool - A good quality Finishing Brush with natural bristles, horse hair or wild boar bristle

Glossing - Brush again all over the horse's body in long strokes to remove fine dust, smoothen the coat and bring on the shine!
Tool: A goat hair body brush or lamb skin gloss brush.

Professional quality & traditional craftsmanship!

A winning combination.

When I learned professional horse grooming in Germany the 1970's, the choice of tools was easy: high-quality, German-made brushes from traditional brush makers, using best materials. In other words: The 'Mercedes' of horse brushes.

In today's market, the choice is not that easy. grooming horses I made it my mission to bring fine grooming tools and satisfying results back to horse grooming here in the US.

Join me in my quest to bring the joy of grooming back to every barn.

Stefanie Reinhold

Using the finest available horse grooming brushes pays off in more than one way:

Satisfying results - shine and a healthy coat, and you horse will like to be groomed!

  • Health benefits - proper grooming techniques in combination with high-quality grooming brushes enable you to have a positive effect on your horse's health. Improve circulation, relax the horse, release tension, remove build-up that can lead to itching and skin conditions, reap the benefits of a mutually enjoyable grooming process!
  • Horse brushes that last - feel good knowing that you will not have to replace your brushes over and over again. If properly cared for, best quality horse grooming brushes last for years to come. (Also see "How to clean your horse brushes")
  • Mental relaxation and positive stimulation for the horse - scratchy grooming brushes do not feel good! Horses that 'do not like to be groomed' most often simply do not like rough, cheap, synthetic brushes that create static and micro abrasions on skin and hair. Switch to traditional German grooming brushes and experience the difference in your horse's attitude. He/she will stand happily for grooming and look forward to the process, leaving you with a relaxed and content equine with a more willing attitude.

horse brushes by leistnerNatural Grooming Brushes by Leistner™ provide you with the professional quality tools you need to get the job done perfectly and make your horse look and feel its best!

Natural, best quality materials and traditional craftsmanship make our brushes stand out. With proper care, your brushes will last for years to come. Read 'how to clean your natural horse brushes' for step-by-step instructions for maintenance and care of the best horse brushes money can buy.

For more on grooming technique, read our article on grooming tools and "How to Groom Your Horse to Shine in 4 Easy Steps" or check our articles page for more grooming tips.

Quick Brush FAQ:

What brushes do I need to groom my horse's coat right?

For the old-school natural grooming process (no chemicals, just elbow grease...) you will need a coarse grooming brush, a curry, a dandy brush, a finishing brush, and a mane & tail brush. A face brush and a gloss brush are nice to have but not essential.

My horse doesn't like to be groomed. Will these brushes help?

A horse that doesn't like to be groomed has a good reason. After ruling out health problems (tick-borne disease, neurological problems, skin conditions), switching from scratchy, uncomfortable plastic brushes that can cause micro-injuries to the horse's skin, is often enough to change the horse's attitude towards grooming. If it FEELS GOOD, what is not to like? Rule of thumb: If a grooming tool feels good to you, it will most likely feel good to your horse. A scratchy plastic brush will scratch your skin. Try it and compare to our natural brushes...

Introducing some of our Grooming Brushes by Leistner™

natural horse dandy brush

Horse Flick or Dandy Brush

What does it do? Lifts dirt from your horses skin and coat and brings it to the surface. This brush is perfect for the flicking action needed to effectively move dirt and debris from the horse's skin and hair root up to the surface. Natural Mexifiber and hardwood, naturally anti-static. Long-lasting quality will stay supple and flexible for years.

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horse finishing brush, horse grooming brush

Horse Finishing Brush 'Prinz'

What does it do? Cleans lifted dirt (see flick brush) off horse's coat, distributes oils and creates shine.
Natural lacquered beechwood, best quality natural horse hair, leather strap.

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horse coat brush

Horse Finishing Brush 'Rembrandt'

What does it do? Cleans lifted dirt (see flick brush) off horse's coat, distributes oils and creates shine.
Natural beechwood coated with pure beeswax, best quality natural horse hair, leather strap.

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horse head brush

Horse Face Brush

What does it do? Cleans your horse's face gently and efficiently. Handy small size.
Natural beechwood, coated with pure beeswax, best quality natural horse hair, leather strap.

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horse finishing brush

Horse Finishing Brush "Gold"

What does it do? Cleans lifted dirt (see flick brush) off horse's coat, distributes oils and creates shine while thoroughly removing dirt, dust, and dander with a raised edge. Beechwood with attractive rose wood stain, best quality natural horse hair with raised natural bristle edge, leather strap.

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ergonomic hoof brush

Horse Hoof Brush / Wash Brush
large, leveled

What does it do? Helps wash caked on mud or dirt off horse's hoof, strong enough for challenging dirt, soft enough for pasterns and coronet. Also great for blankets and pads.
Natural hardwood, mexifiber.

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bucket  brush

Horse Hoof Brush
large, two fibers

What does it do? Helps wash caked on mud or dirt off horse's hoof, buckets and boot soles. Large brush with practical handle and two types of fiber, stiff (dark) and softer (light). Great to work the dirt off your horse's hoof while the softer bristles touch near the coronet band.
Natural hardwood, stiff Union Fiber and medium stiff Mexifiber.

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horse mane, tail and face brush

Horse Mane, Tail & Face Brush
large, natural bristle and wire

What does it do? Helps brush your horse's mane in to perfection. Attention: We recommend only brushing manes and tails that were thoroughly conditioned and hand-picked first for best results. Use the wild boar bristle side to groom your horse's face. Natural beechwood treated with beeswax, natural wild boar bristle and wire with heads.

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high quality horse grooming brush by Leistner

What other horse owners and handlers say about natural horse grooming brushes by Leistner™:

"Just wanted to let you know that I just received my brushes 10 minutes ago. :) I am extremely impressed at the quality of these brushes!!!... the quality is incredible and I'm already sure [my horse] will love them as I do (after buying so many different brushes for my picky boy, I know his taste.) Thank you so much and I will recommend these brushes to everyone!!! ;) Rocio P., MI

horse flick brush, natural bristles"My horse Gunner never liked to be groomed. Since I am using [natural] horse grooming brushes he stands still forgrooming as long as we like to and he is loving it! My horse and I love those brushes..." Maryanne M., Middleton, WI

"Got my first order today--was so happy with them I decided to order one more! Thank you so much!!!" Nikki M. Springfield, MO

"I am in love with these brushes!  I don’t like to groom very much, I’d rather be riding.  So anything that helps speed up the grooming process and makes it more efficient is a plus in my books.  I used my [natural] brushes today for the first time on my two very dirty horses, and I was frankly amazed!  The flick brush really brought the dirt to the surface efficiently and fast, and then the body brush and the finishing brush made my horses gleam and sparkle.  I spent about half the time I usually spend on grooming, and I got more than double the results.  Thanks for introducing me to thess brushes ... they’re as closeto “self grooming horses” as one can get!" Anke J., Verona, WI

Shop for Natural Grooming Brushes

"Grace has never looked so good!  Her coat is now shiny and feels like silk, with the dirt raised to the surface with the [natural] flick brush and removed with the horse hair brush, I then went over her again with the horse hair brush which really brought out the shine.  She was very curious at first about what I was using, but once she checked them out and got into enjoying the grooming, she was signing with contentment and completely relaxed.  So I can safely say [these] brushes are a hit with both of us!"
Tamara P., Beaver Dam, WI

Enjoy the grooming process and enjoy your horse!

Yankee and Stefanie

Stefanie Reinhold
ctfd. Masterson Method™Practitioner (MMCP) & Instructor
ctfd. Equine Massage Practitioner, WMSEM

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