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“The HDV 12 is - so to speak - the bible of classical equestrian sports...” (Christoph Hess, FEI 4 judge, FEI Course Director for Rider, Judge & Instructor Education)

HDV 12 German Cavalry Training Guidelines for Horse & Rider

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Horse Wellness

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Interactive Bodywork for Horses™

Enabling Your Horse to Feel & Perform Well

Interactive Bodywork for Horses™ is a 'bodywork philosophy' that incorporates non-invasive bodywork modalities and gymnasticizing to help keep horses happy ridersupple, relaxed and fit, resolve performance issues in healthy horses, and aid in recovery after injury or illness*.

Working interactively with the horse aids in discovering restrictions that develop through work and movement habits and allow the release of such performance limiting restrictions. Releasing soft tissue restrictions early—before they become problems that lead to pain, performance decline, injury or behavior issues—gives your horse the competitive edge.

This work does not only benefit performance horses but any horse with any type of job and even seniors or companion horses.

Experience just how well your horse can feel and perform!

*Interactive Bodywork is a wellness modality, not a substitute for veterinary care.

Baron von Blixen FineckeIf we consider ourselves to have the moral right to use a horse for our own purposes,
we ought also to accept the obligation to help him carry them out.”

Baron von Blixen-Finecke, 1916-2005, Olympic Gold Medalist, cavalryman, trainer of Olympic medalists

How to recognize possible muscular pain, restrictions, and soreness in your horse*:

horse massage bodyworkDue to the physical and mental demands we place on horses in our activity of choice— may it be dressage, jumping, endurance, harness racing, driving or trail riding— many horses suffer from muscle tension, postural challenges, negative movement habits, and restrictions.

These tensions & restrictions can translate into performance issues and often go unnoticed.

The first step to betterment is to recognize the subtle signs of discomfort and tension that can point to muscular and soft tissue restrictions that limit your horse's performance. Both horse owner and vet can determine if equine massage or bodywork would be a beneficial course of action.

Signs of restrictions, pain, and soreness in horses:

  • shortened strides, restricted range of motion
  • general decline in the horse's performance
  • refusal to take a lead
  • not stepping under, not rounding
  • crow hopping, bucking
  • hollowing back, raising head, throwing head during gait changes
  • unwilling to change gaits
  • stiff gaits
  • general behavior issues (biting, unwillingness to be ridden, unwillingness to be saddled etc.)

How to Overcome Performance-Limiting Restrictions in Your Horse.

Interactive Bodywork for Horses™ is a non-invasive approach: the horse participates in the process, releases tensions deep inside his anatomy in areas that the practitioner cannot reach with his hands and the horse actively learns how the optimal range of motion and a different self-carriage can feel.

This often initiates a process of postural remodeling in the horse that extends far beyond the bodywork session, especially when supported by interactive gymnasticizing between sessions (owner/handler).

The Masterson Method™ (Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™) is the main method I use to relieve performance limiting restrictions in horses, complemented by elements of positional release, callisthenics, stretches, massage and a customized gymnasticizing program, if desired.

I have a special interest in working with horses that have pain or trauma related behavior or performance issues.
Read more about my work and background here

Interested in learning more about 'how the horse works'? Learn Basic Horse Mechanics™ hands-on in one of my seminars.
Please see the seminar schedule here.

It would be my pleasure to meet you and your horse(s).

Thank you and enjoy your horse!

Stefanie Reinhold

Stefanie Reinhold
ctfd. Masterson Method™Practitioner (MMCP) & Instructor
ctfd. Equine Massage Practitioner, WMSEM


*) Please note: Equine massage and bodywork is a non-invasive, gentle wellness modality aimed at enhancing performance in the healthy horse and never replaces proper veterinary care. If in doubt regarding the physical health of your horse please consult your veterinarian.

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